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Naomi Nash

BSc (Hons) MBAcC FEA


I graduated from the Northern College of Acupuncture (affiliated to University of Central Lancashire) with a BSc (Hons) Acupuncture. I am insured and a member of the British Acupuncture Council. To this end I must adhere to strict codes of conduct and comply with Environmental Health requirements. I have first aid training and am licensed under Calderdale Council.


In addition to TCM practices I also utilise western models of practice, such as segmental acupuncture and trigger point therapy when appropriate, depending on what is best for each individual patient. I have also trained in Cosmetic Acupuncture and am a member of the Cosmetic Acupuncture UK .


I am committed to refining and updating my skills with continued professional development and regularly attend courses and supervision with my peers. I also attend regional BAcC meetings and NCA Alumni Research Group that keeps me abreast with current issues and practices.


Journey to Acupuncture 
Before undertaking a career in acupuncture I worked for the NHS at Calderdale Royal Hospital on a busy inpatient ward and dealt with outpatient clinics. I have also enjoyed working at a health and fitness club and a local law firm. I have always enjoyed working with people and have always been passionate about helping others.


I discovered the benefits of acupuncture myself as I was referred for treatment during pregnancy. I had always suffered quite badly with hayfever but I could not take my medication whilst pregnant. It is fair to say I had the common misconceptions about acupuncture that most people have, including thinking they used large needles and expecting the treatment to hurt. This was not the case! I was amazed at how effective the treatments were and how energised and relaxed I felt after each treatment. Acupuncture worked more effectively than any of the medications I had been given to try over the years. I also had acupuncture for successful induction of labour as opposed to drug treatments. From then on I was intrigued by acupuncture and the eastern philosophy behind it.


My Patients 
In the clinic I welcome male and female patients of various ages with a wide spectrum of health matters from anxiety to IBS. I enjoy this diversity and hold a passion for all aspects of what acupuncture can work with.  There has been increasing positive evidence to support the effectiveness of acupuncture as a compliment to conventional medicine. 

I have a particular interest in working with pregnancy given my own positive experiences as well as being keen to offer a safe, drug free treatment during this very speacial time. I have spent time with the team at the antenatal acupuncture clinic at Calderdale Royal Hospital and completed additional training with professional midwife acupuncuists.





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