Covid-19 Guidelines

We would like to reassure our patients that we have introduced additional measures to increase the safety of our practice for our patients and ourselves.  This has been guided and is in acccordance with our regulatory body, The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), Government Guidelines and our insurers. These measures have included additional equipment, PPE and altering the structure of appointments in order to minimise risk and contact time. For the time being, this is how our appointments will be structured and what they will invlove:


Prior to the appointment

New patients will receive a consent form and consultation form by post or email to be completed and returned prior to the appointment. This can then be followed up by a telephone call to discuss your health and answer any questions.

Follow up appointments will involve receiving a call at the appointment time to check in and discuss your health and treatment for that day before entering the clinic. 

We ask that you please use the rest room in your own home prior to attending if possible, to minimise risk to others and yourselves.

You will be required to bring and wear a mask/ face covering for attending the appointment (one can be provided if needed but we are trying to minimise waste).


Your appointment

Upon arriving for your appointment please call the practitioner who will briefly discuss your health before you access the building. Please note that the practitioner will open the doors for you.

Once in the clinic room you will be asked to wash your hands.

All surfaces and common areas will be thoroughly cleaned down after the appointment, with additional time being allocated for this. 

We ask that you attend alone where possible.


Anyone who is unwell or showing signs and symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to not attend their appointment. This also applies to the practitioners themselves who would cancel the appointments if it were the case. Please note that by attending the clinic, the patient accepts there is an element of risk, as with attending anywhere outside of their own home.


We recognise that although this structure is different to how we usually practice, it is important that our patients feel at ease and cared for. Our priority, as always, is working towards improved health and well-being for our patients. If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us. 




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